As a part of Florian Dombois' project
Dresden's annual city ritual,
dedicated to the "nameless hour" between 3 a.m. and 3 a.m.
when the clock is switched from summer time to winter time.

Composition for Carillon of the
Dresden Historical Architectural Complex "Zwinger"

INVERSE - "INVERSE" is a special and very poetic ritual of experiencing and celebrating an hour that does not exist, which does not exist officially. At exactly three o'clock in the morning, the clock stops for exactly one hour and this gifted hour is pure poetry in a place where guests and spirits from all times and dimensions are gathered around in the place of greatness and power of Augustus the Strong. There is no need to talk about the mystical transformations that this place has undergone in my imagination. From the image of the ring of Giorgio Agamben, the Fellinian ship from the movie "E la Nave va", the spa pool from the final scene of Tarkovsky's "Nostalghia", the project "windtunnel" by Professor of the Zurich University of the Arts Florian Dombois and "Citadelle" by A. de Saint-Exupery. It is Gogol's place, Bulgakov's place – the nocturnal party of the nobility. From ancient times, Francesco Landini approached, Ravel appeared. They are wandering sounds, notes that have gained flesh. Or to the contrary, they lost their matter and became ethereal sounds. I have to peer closely and listen carefully to understand where their voices sound: here or over there? Landini is blind, but he sees more clearly than anyone else. "Illusiveness is a form of life", says G. Agamben.

Round-Eau-Vue/ Rond-Earth-Feu... Zwinger. Carillon. Tempo 3 AM.
Фото: Даниэла Фрибель
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