Symphonic Prologue to Theatrical Action
The Neva Prospectus
For Symphony Orchestra
It's even hard to describe an uncounted number of phantasmagorias that you come across within a single day!
N. Gogol «The Neva Prospectus»
The street can be observed through a window, so that its sounds are weakened, its movements transform to phantoms, and through clear, but solid and strong glass,
the street itself seems to be the out-of-body phenomenon pulsing in the other world.
V. Kandinsky «The Point and a line on a plane»
Extreme speed, at which uniform events and movements are erased, and formidable, pre-thundering slowdown - this is the structure of action I need, the rhythmic organization of the material.
G. Kozintsev «Gogoliada»
Nevsky Prospect is the story of the street. This is my first story about movement as it is. It is about a space with its own voice, about a living creature with the broad "lungs" and fluid form, about the "rhythm" of the real and the phantom. I read Kandinsky and Kozintsev after "Nevsky" was written. My guide to this world was Jorge Luis Borges and his «The Garden of Forking Paths». And the voice that Nevsky "spoke" became voiced by Daniil Harms:
A certain engineer set out to build a huge brick wall across Petersburg. He thinks over how to do this, does not sleep at night, and contemplates. Gradually, a circle of thinker-engineers is formed and a plan for building the wall is developed. It was decided to build the wall at night, so that everything should be built in one go to be a complete surprise. The workers are convening. There is a distribution. The city authorities are set aside, and finally the night comes when this wall should be built. Only four people know about the construction of the wall. The workers and engineers receive precise instructions on where to stand and what to do. Thanks to the exact calculation, the wall is built in one night. The next day, there is turmoil in Petersburg. And the inventor of
the wall himself is discouraged. On what to apply this wall, he himself did not know.
Around the same time that the Prologue was being created, I wrote the libretto for
the theatrical performance «Nevsky Prospect», which was not destined to be realized. So, in a sense, it turned out prophetically: " On what to apply this wall, he himself did not know ".
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