For ensemble, performers and field recordings
Soundscape piece for Orchestra
Acoustic performance for the architectural form
and nine performers
Multimedia project for ensemble, electronics and video
Composition for Carillon of the Dresden Historical Architectural Complex "Zwinger"
For Violin and Piano
For Double Bass, Silent Piano, Tape
and Soprano and Tenor ad libitum
Cycle of pieces for different instruments
For Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone, Percussion, Harp, Piano and Assistant
For Voice, Tenor (and Bass) Recorder and Electronics
For Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Piano, Harp, Synthesizer,
Percussion and Strings
For Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion,
2 Violins, Viola and Cello

For Symphony Orchestra
List of works
  • 1
    opera –
    «Boxing Pushkin» - two scenes (on a commission of «de ereprijs» orchestra) (2007);
    «FACE: The Mute Opera» – multimedia project for ensemble, electronics and video projection (in collaboration with "The Other Space" Festival) (2018)

  • 2
    for orchestra –
    "The Symphonic Prologue to Theatrical Action «The Neva Prospectus» (on text by D.Harms) (2005);
    «MUSICA SACRA IV: Carnival» (on texts by V. Hlebnikov, A. Ahmatova)
    for orchestra and female choir (on a commission of Tirol Festspiele) (2016)

  • 3
    for instruments with orchestra –
    «Cadenza to Mozart's Concerto» for Violin and chamber orchestra (on a commission of David Frühwirth and Valery Gergiev) (2006)

  • 4
    for instruments and voices –
    «Tactile Instruments» on text by G.Sapgir for soprano and large ensemble (2004);
    «Prometeo» on text by R.-G. Mohnnau for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and bayan (on a commission of R.-G. Mohnnau) (2004)

  • 5
    for ensemble –
    «Strophes» for 2 corni, 2 violins, cello, piano and percussions (2003);
    «Canto Ostinato» for two thermenvoxes, piano and percussions (on a commission of Lydia Cavina) (2004);
    «Chordoneon» for large ensemble (2007);
    «Stimme in der Ferne» for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2008);
    «Unter der Kuppel hervor» for 9 instruments (on a commission of "Young Euro Classic" festival) (2009);
    "Berlin. Symphony of Great City" for flute, cello, percussions and two female voices with recorders mouthpieces (2009);
    «X.II: Chagall's Clock» for 12 instruments (2010);
    "Invisible Choir: Echo-Studium" for 4 recorders, 4 violas da gambas and percussion (on a comission of Schola Cantorum Basiliensis) (2010);
    "KORU KARI. Marsyas vs Apollo: remix" for oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, percussions, harp, piano and assistant (on a commission of "Studio For New Music" ensemble) (2011);
    «MUSICA SACRA III: Christmas Song» for three brass, three strings and three percussions instruments (2013)
  • 6
    for electroacoustic –
    «Fluttuazioni» for string quartet and electronics (2008);
    "SIGNature" for voice, recorder, sound objects and electronics (2010);
    «MUSICA SACRA» for four percussion players and electronics (2012);
    «MUSICA SACRA II: Danse macabre (Ac (chord) archeology)»
    for piano and electronics /To Memory of Augusta/ (2013);
    "...And The Ship Sails On..." for violin and piano / for double bass, silent piano, tape and soprano and tenor ad libitum (2017)

  • 7
    other compositions –
    The Chamber Scene «Qui est major?» - the chess-game for conductor, percussionist and ensemble (2006);
    «ROUND-EAU-VUE…in a half-voice…/ ROND-EARTH-FEU… in a whisper - composition for Carillon of Dresden historical architectural complex "Zwinger", as a part of Florian Dombois project «INVERSE» (2019)
    «RotundA» (collective work) – acoustical performance for the architectural form and nine performers (2020)
    ID-performance INOUT: "Music is everything that sounds inside" (2020)

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