Von Landschaft verweht (2021)
Soundscape piece for Orchestra

To memory of the fallen
On a commission of Russian-German Music Academy

World-premiere 2021, June, 22th
Mariinsky Theatre concert hall (St. Petersburg)
Russian-German Music Academy orchestra
Artistic director and conductor - Valery Gergiev

Interview and excerpts from concert of Russian-German Music Academy orchestra

Von Landschaft verweht ("Blown away by the Landscape") is rather a formula that can be "interpreted" in different ways: both as carried away by life, and as lost in time, and as dissolved in dreams or memories. A landscape is not a static picture, it is a process of "becoming". A good metaphor for this becoming or movement is a train that rushes through the vastness, like life that flows through history. When you look out of the window, you can't see the train. There is a landscape and there are moments that remain in the memory: tree by tree, station by station, turn by turn, similar as entrances in the houses. Moments gradually merge into the background, as the sleepers merge with the rails at a non-focused view, and there is nothing left but the inevitability of a change, drawn out like northern singing.
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