SIGNature (2011)
For Voice, Tenor (and Bass) Recorder and Electronics
"SIGNature" – a process of creativity, a "personal sign" that makes one person different from the other. In various written cultures the "personal sign" comes from the specific way of handwriting depending on whether one writes from left to right, from right to left, or from top to bottom. In any case, it is a question of individuality that may be seen through the nature of a sign. A signature per se is the same as an artefact, a product of art, a personal trace in history, left on official papers.

The positioning of the musicians onstage corresponds to a paper with a headline on top and a signature in the lower right corner. On the one hand there is the duet of voice and recorder : it is a dialogue of the author and his alter ego in a way – simultaneously an internal and external dialogue. At the same time, this dialogue is a metaphor of changes in written culture, which becomes more and more automated, accelerated and, in a more common sense, utilitarian. This is a process of estrangement from paper, which is a witness to the detailed movements of the hand, and, as
a consequence this represents a loss of tactile sensibility. All that we have as a heritage is a signature.
Instrumental compositions / Projects
Multimedia project for ensemble, electronics and video
For Violin and Piano
For Double Bass, Silent Piano, Tape
and Soprano and Tenor ad libitum

Cycle of pieces for different instruments
For Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone, Percussion, Harp, Piano and Assistant

For Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Piano, Harp, Synthesizer, Percussion and Strings

For Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion,
2 Violins, Viola and Cello
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