Sound Review
The Union of Composers of Russia and company "Melodiya", in collaboration with the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, have released an anthology of Russian contemporary academic music composed after 2000: "Sound Review". Among the compositions there is a recording of the piece "Musica Sacra II: Danse macabre (Ac (chord) archeology)" for piano and electronics (piano – Maria Sadurdinova). All of the albums are available on all digital platforms: Yandex.Music, Apple Music, VKontakte, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal etc.
And the ship is sailing again
This time within the framework of the Union Composers festival «Five Evenings» of chamber music, which will take place in December at Rachmaninov Concert Hall of Moscow Conservatory: on December 9th, the full version of the piece for double bass (Grigory Krotenko) and two sopranos (Ekaterina Kichigina and Alena Verin-Galitskaya) will be performed.
"One, two, three, four, five – ready or not, here I come!"
In the near future a new Laboratory «CoOPERAtion – ART&SCIENCE» for young composers and playwrights will be launched (artistic director – Ekaterina Vasileva). On November 22th, as a part of large-scale educational project Olga will give a lecture entitled «One, two, three, four, five – ready or not, here I come!".
ID-performance IN↔OUT
October 14th and 16th, at the International Festival «Gnesin Contemporary Music Week – 2020» the ID-performance IN↔OUT will take place (author – Olga Bochihina, curators: Irina Sevastyanova and Tatiana Yakovleva). The title "IN ßà OUT" reflects the structure of the site-specific performance: entrance, exit and trajectories in between and within the spaces. IN↔OUT is the formula of the whole festival. On October 15th a discussion with the author, curators and participants will be organized at the Academic Hall of the Gnesin Academy.
Lecture within the educational program «Laboratory for New Music»
On October 3rd and 4th, at the Conference Hall of Moscow Conservatory, an educational program for composers with the Studio for New Music ensemble will take place. Olga Bochihina will give a lecture on the theme "What is the instrumental thinking, or where is the instrument?"
Curator of «Composers reading-session» in Moscow
This year, Olga was invited to become one of three curators of the Laboratory for Young Composers "Composers reading-session", which will take place in Moscow 12.08 – 15.08. As part of the 4-days long session, a lecture on the theme "Good sound. Bad sound: behavior training" and individual classes will be organized. Moreover, the third scene from «FACE: The Mute Opera» in a chamber version will be performed at the last evening.
Anthology of Russian chamber music
The Union of Composers of Russia and company "Melodiya", together with the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble will release an anthology of chamber music of the Russian avant-garde from 1910 to the present, which will also include a recording of the piece MUSICA SACRA II: Danse macabre (Ac (chord) archeology) for piano and electronics, soloist – Maria Sadurdinova.
The Mute Opera in Mutabor
28.04, 29.04 the newly opened Mutabor Club venue will host the premiere of an extended version of the multimedia project "FACE: The Mute Opera" for ensemble, electronics and video projection. This time the project will be accompanied by a personal exhibition of the photo and video artist Ivan Sakharov as well as actors of the «Eskizy v prostranstve» street theater. "Leggiero Orchestra" conducted by Jeremy Walker, curator – Maria Patsyuk.
«Von Landschaft verweht» – world premiere
On May 8th, at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in the framework of the XIX Moscow Easter Festival and on May 13th, at the Great Hall of Berlin Konzerthaus, the world premiere of the orchestral soundscape piece «Von Landschaft verweht» will take place. Written on a commission from «RCCR Projects GmbH», the piece will be performed by the Russian-German Youth Orchestra, conducted by Valery Gergiev.
Jury member of the Third All-Russian competition for young composers "Avanti"
Olga was invited to become a member of jury of the Third "Avanti" competition for young composers. The application deadline is April 30th; winners will be announced in August 2020. http://avanticompetition.ru/
Member of the selection group and member of the expert group of the "Score" Competition
Olga was invited to become a member of jury of the "Score" competition for young composers. The competition will be held in two rounds, winners in seven nominations will be announced in March 2020. https://partitura-konkurs.ru/
"...And The Ship Sails On..." on the "Ship of Madmen"
In the 2019-2020 season, the Alt-Flute-Contrabass subscription cycle will take place in the Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic. The double bass player Grigory Krotenko will present an original program, "Ship of Madmen", which will combine various compositions, including the composition "...And The Ship Sails On...". «My program is plentifully watered with tears. These are the tears of composers. Female composers ... My program is called "Ship of Madmen" in honor of Olga Bochihina's composition», - says Grigory Krotenko.
Open lecture at the Center for Drama and Directing for participants of the «Acoustic Reading» Laboratory
At the end of November, the International Creative Laboratory of Young Composers
and Directors "Acoustic Reading" will open in Moscow. As a part of the program, Olga Bochihina will give an open lecture on the topic "Muteness and Blindness as
an Experience of Listening and Watching". The conversation will concern the drama of listening and the drama of vision, and will be oriented in two directions: muteness and blindness as an experience of perception and as a model of thinking.
Author's view at The Mute Opera
Gnesins' Russian Academy of Music will host a large-scale event dedicated to opera, which will last several days: the International Scientific Conference "Opera in a musical theater: history and modernity". With the topic "FACE: The Mute Opera. To the Problem of Nonverbal Thinking (from Authour's point of view) Olga Bochihina will talk about her opera: what does the balance between the face and the surface mean, what
the formation of the utterance is, what the "surface theater" is, how the face writes itself and how to tell about the love affair of oral speech and written speech.
«Unter der Kuppel hervor» at Berlin Konzerthaus
At the Werner-Otto-Saal of the Berlin Konzerthaus a concert combining the sound searches of Russian composers of two generations - "Spannungsfeld Miteinander - Klangvorstellungen zweier Generationen" will take place. The ensemble "Unitedberlin" will play the compositions of Sofia Gubaidulina, Gyorgy Ligeti, Georgy Dorokhov and Olga Bochihina. Conductor - Sergey Neller.
Premiere of the composition for carillon in Dresden architectural complex «Zwinger»
Every year, starting from 2016, Zwinger become a scene for the city ritual "INVERSE", dedicated to the "nameless hour" between 3 a.m. and 3 a.m., on the occasion of
the conversion of summer time to winter. The author of the project is an artist, Prof. Florian Dombois, Ph.D. This year, Olga Bochikhina, as a guest composer, will present her version of the "nameless hour", written especially for the carillon produced by
the famous «Meissen» company.
Paper on Instrumental Thinking
The Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory will organize the International Scientific Conference "Musical Composition and New Methods of Humanitarian Research", dedicated to the anniversary of rector, Doctor of Arts, Prof. A. S. Sokolov. Olga Bochihina will articulate the problem of the instrument in her paper on topic: "Instrumental thinking vs extended instrumental techniques (the concept of
the instrument and the instrumental method of analysis in music of the second half of the twentieth century)".
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